VIDEO: Love Story Omer & Kiki

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Liefde op het eerste gezicht. Het verhaal van Omer en Kiki..

A story of love at first sight, yes… but past that intuitive carnal knowledge some are so blessed to witness,  these like-minded souls realized they shared a deeper dream. Leave everything behind in LA , to start again, together, in Central America. They are in the midst of moving to Panama now, to start a sustainable beach community, raise children, surf, and ground themselves and those around them in the beautiful simplicity of beach life. Soft spoken, sweet, and with smiles that reveal all that they hold dear; one another, and a lust for the adventure that lies ahead.  Looking forward to finding you two beauties in Panama and doing a video… round 2… with naked babies at your feet! Good luck you two. Thank you.

Om de video over Omer en Kiki op je mobiel te bekijken. Kun je op onderstaande link klikken.

Omer en Kiki on Youtube

Source: Love Stories: Omer & Kiki | Free People Blog 

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